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Thessaloniki vs corona virus spread

Thessaloniki vs corona virus spread. Thessaloniki is stronlgy trying against corona virus spread. We all follow the restrictions and measures opposed by the Greek government. During dark times like these, absolutely nothing is more important than our health and of our loved ones.

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Life goes on and what we all have to do is to stay safe and healthy. We also must think and care about the ones that need us the most.


Travel is not over and here at Thessaloniki, Greece we do anything we can against corona virus spread within our community. We stay home and stay safe. Thessaloniki vs corona virus spread


Let’s hope that humanity will soon get out of this nightmare and we will all get our lives back. The next day is not so far as you think and will only come closer with kindness and compassion.

Thessaloniki vs corona

Let’s all stay safe and travel again to Thessaloniki when it will be feasible. We are waiting for all of you, safe and happy.

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