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Planning to visit Thessaloniki and look for tours and activities? Here is a long list of worth visiting locations, attractions and activities you should definitely experience. Make the most out of your Thessaloniki visit.

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Top travel destinations from Thessaloniki

Explore Thessaloniki, the 2.335 years old city.

Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city was established at 315 BC in the Hellenic era and is mainly linked to its Byzantine heritage.

The city is often referred to as an open-air Byzantine museum, as its Byzantine, Post – Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, have been declared as historical landmark monuments. Out tour covers all fifteen of the Early Christian – Byzantine monuments that were included in the UNESCO World Herit­age List in 1988. (UNESCO)

City walls with gates and fortifications of a total perimeter of 8km. where city’s great history is well recorded The Heptapyrgion fort that stands at the highest point of the Acropolis and White tower, city’s landmark are also included.

Rotonda monument.

With a diameter of 24.50m is covered by a bricked dome, reaching a height of 29.80m which was converted into a Christian church, dedicated to the Agioi Aso­matoi or the Archangels, during the Early Chris­tian era.

Thessaloniki tours & activities

Osios David church

The small church is located in the Ano Poli, at Aghias Sofias Street. It was once the catholicon of the monastery of Christou Soti­ra tou Latomou

Agios Dimitrios church

Dedicated to the pa­tron saint of Thessaloniki, is a pilgrim church and is primarily renowned for its mosaics that sur­vived the great fire of 1917.  Mosaics of the 5th, 7th and 9th century are preserved. The crypt of catacombs of the church is a must visit as well. Surely is one of the top Thessaloniki tours & activites

Thessaloniki tours & activities

Panagia Aheropiitos church

The Great Church of the Virgin Mary is situ­ated in the city center and was built in the 5th century as a three – aisled wooden – roofed basilica with a narthex and gallery. It was built over the ruins of a Roman bath complex.

Agia Sofia church

This church, dedicated to Christ, the true Word and Wisdom of God, was built in the late 7th – early 8th century at the location of a large 5th century Early Christian Basilica.

Panagia Halkeon church

The Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is located near and south of the ancient agora, in the coppersmith district from where its name is derived. It was built in 1028

Byzantine bath

The only public Byzantine bath pre­served in Thessaloniki is located on the out­skirts of the Ano Poli (upper part of the city). It is a small building of rectangular design, possibly dating back to the 13th cen­tury

Agios Pantelimon church

At a short distance from the Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda, lies the Byzantine church of Agios Pantelimon. The Church, the name of which is quite recent, served as the catholicon of the Theotokou Perivleptou Monastery.

Thessaloniki tours & activities

Agioi Apostoloi church 

At Olympou Street and near to the western walls, lies the Church of Agioi Apostoloi, once the catholicon of a monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built by Patriarch Nephon (1310 – 1314)

Agios Nikolaos Orphanos church

At Ano Poli, close to the eastern walls, within an enclosed yard lies the Church of Agios Nikolaos Orphanos, which also served as the catholicon of a Byzan­tine monastery.

 Agia Ekaterini church

On the outskirts of Ano Poli, and close to the walls, lies the Church of Agia Ekaterini, which once served as the catholicon of a Byzantine monastery. It dates back to the late 13th – early 14th century.

Metamorphosis Sotiros church

At the junction of Egnatia and Paleon Patron Germanou Street lies the small church dedicat­ed to the Savior Christ. It was built in 1340 as chapel to a Byzantine monastery, and originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Moni Vlatadon

The Vlatadon monastery is located just outside the northern walls of the Acropo­lis, a Patriarchal and stauropegic Vlatadon monastery, the only Byzantine monastery still providing services to the city. It was founded between 1351 and 1371 by monk Dorotheus Vlatis, a pupil of Gregorios Palamas, former Metropolite of Thessaloniki.

Profitis Elias church

At Ano Poli on a naturally rocky eleva­tion, lies the unique in Thessaloniki in terms of its archi­tectural type Church of Profitis Elias The Church was dedicated to Christ and served as the cathol­icon of the Akapniou Monastery.

Our full day tour to Byzantine Thessaloniki may well be enriched with other destinations or modified according to your requirements. Hotel pickups and drop offs are offered along with refreshments and bottles of water. Your driver is a local and a level 7, Google Local Guide.

Discover unique Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a wonderful place for summer holidays as it has to offer something for everyone and also one of the top Thessaloniki tours & activites as a destination.Halkidiki, located at Northern Greece is also a picturesque region that’s ideal for those who like to explore both green mountains and pristine beaches. You should not visit a naturally beautiful region like Halkidiki without checking out everything nature has to offer.

Best things to do in Thessaloniki

Swim, swim, and swim.  If your perfect holidays include enjoying the Greek sun, playing in the sand, or swimming in pristine beaches, then you should definitely visit as many as more Halkidiki beaches you can. Incredibly picturesque world-class beaches where amazing, calm, shallow and warm waters await for you.

Visit Aristotle’s park

It is a unique theme park of Halkidiki, is located in a most beautiful area with a marvelous view towards the Gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos. The park isdedicated to the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle and includes a series of interesting instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. All illustrating important phenomena studied by the great Greek philosopher.

Boat tours

While you’re in Halkidiki you should take at least one boat tour. There are plenty to choose from including day cruises that take you around the peninsulas, sailing trips that take you on swimming excursions to fantastic beaches.

SKG transfers to Halkidiki

Fishing tours

Whether you are a passionate fisherman or not, a fishing tour at Halkidiki crustal clear waters is an amazing experience you should try. Enjoy a full or half a day fishing trip with your friends or family and maybe by the end of the day you will taste your fresh Greek catch.

 Mount Athos boat tours

The easiest way for everybody and certainly the only way for women to see the spectacular Greek Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos is by boat. Enjoy a full day tour boat around the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Mount Athos and discover the stunning scenery. Starting from Ouranoupoli and Ormos Panagias, there many boat tours to choose from.

Ouranopouli village

This beautiful village is located at Halkidiki peninsula, around 120 km from Thessaloniki SKG International Airport and it is practically the gate way to the Holly Mountain. Thousands of pilgrims from around the world visit Ouranoupoli every year in order to continue their trip to Athos as the need to get a written permit (diamonitirio) as well as their ferry tickets. A transfer to Ouranoupoli is what you will need if your destination is the Holy mount of Athos.

Private tours to Halkidiki

Hiking in Sithonia

Combining hiking with swimming is definitely a great experience. Sithonia is a mountainous peninsula of Halkidiki surrounded by the blue water s of Aegean Sea. Plenty of walking trails and hiking programs to choose from, especially at Neos Marmaras area.

Petralona cave

The cave developed during the Mesozoic (Jurassic) limestone. Its sediments are divided into several stratigraphic levels. The rock formations resemble giant cactus, pink pearls, sturdy columns or delicate curtains, and in several places water ponds are fed by stalactite material. Covering an area of 10,400 m2 (112,000 sq. ft.), the length of the corridors is about 2,000 m (6,562 ft.) and the temperature throughout the year remains stable at 17 °C

Parthenon village

Parthenonas was abandoned by 1970 as locals moved into Neos Marmaras. Recently, the village has acquired a new lease of life as many old houses have been restored, preserving the original character of the village, but there are still a few guesthouses, taverns and a café-bar. The village’s cultural association, the Parthenon, founded in 1985 has established the principle to preserve the local customs and traditions, ensuring the safety of traditional architectural style.

Kassandra Thermal baths

The Thermal Spa Agia Paraskevi is located at Loutra Kassandra Halkidiki, a picturesque village with many hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, coffee-bars, giving view over the deep blue sea of Aegean. You may also visit villages near Loutra with great tourist attractions, fresh fish and many sights of great archeological importance. On the cliff, in a magnificent natural setting overlooking the Aegean Sea, modern spa of Agia Paraskevi has been born, with its experienced staff waiting for revitalizing you. It is also one of the top Thessaloniki tours and activities.

Activity holidays at Halkidiki

The Apostle Paul route

Apostle Paul at Thessaloniki. The Greek city was founded by King Cassander of Macedon (a general of Alexander the Great) in 315 BC and named after his wife, a step-sister of Alexander. The city continued to develop until Rome defeated Perseus, the last Macedonian king, in 168 BC. As it was located at the head of the Gulf of Thermae and also on the main east-west road (the Via Egnatia), it became an important and prosperous commercial city. Rome divided the former kingdom into four independent “free” districts, then, in 146 BC, established it as a province with Thessaloniki as its capital. At the time of Paul it had a population of about 200,000, making it the largest city in Macedonia.

Paul first came to Thessaloniki in 50-51 AD during his second missionary journey, where he established the second Christian community in Europe (after Philippi). Paul preached in the city’s synagogue, the chief synagogue of the Jews in Thessaloniki and laid the foundations for the new church to be built there.Apostle Paul wrote two of his epistles, the First Epistle to the Thessalonians and the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians to the Christian community at Thessaloniki. He was driven out from the city and fled to Veria by Jews who opposed him.

A journey into the origins of European Christianity in Greece is one of the top Thessaloniki tours & activities,offered to you by SKG bus transfers & tours. Follow Saint Paul’s footsteps from Asia to Europe. Visit the places he first preached in Europe and baptized the first Christians in Europe. See the sites of the New Testament as the words of Saint Paul come alive. Experience the places that the Apostle to the Nations visited during his second journey.On this trip you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most important places in Christian history, as well as world culture heritage sites such as Agio Oros (Mount Athos), Meteora and the Acropolis.

Saint Lydia’s Baptistry tours and organized by SKG BUS transfers and tours. Religious tours in Greece may provide you with the most valuable spiritual and religious experience that you may ever had. Cradle of early Christianity and the main crossroad between East and West, Greece has to offer an endless and colorful journey to religion, history, culture and memories.

Saint Lydia’s Baptistry tours

Saint Lydia’s Baptistry is located at the village Krinides at a close proximity with Philippi just about 15 Km from Kavala city.The first Christian church in Europe was founded at Philippi (built on top of a tomb of a Macedonian hero) which had become a significant early Christian center following a visit to the city by Paul the Apostle in 49 CE. Lydia was notable as the first European to be baptized there. Lydia, (meaning the woman originated from Lydia, Asia Minor) is mentioned in the New Testament who is regarded as the first documented convert to Christianity in Europe. Several Christian denominations have designated her a saint. Lydia and Paul first met outside the gates of Philippi, a city in Macedonia, now part of modern Greece. Lydia lived and worked in Philippi, dealing in textiles colored with the purple dye for which the region was famous. Enjoy a full day tour to one of the best Thessaloniki tours & activities, Saint Lydia’s Baptistry with us, the SKG BUS. Along the way we may have a quick stop to other worth visiting religious sites as Saint Marina’s chapel. For more info please contact us or give us a call at +306976888113

Zagori, pure nature and long tradition

Private tours, Thessaloniki starting are organized by us for up to 8 people. Just pick the date and leave all the rest to us. Enjoy pure nature of mountainous Greece with your friend or family for as long as you wish to.


Zagori is an amazing area of great natural beauty, with striking geology and two National Parks, one including the river Aoos and Vikos canyon while the other park is located around Valia Kalda, to the east of the imposing snow-capped Mt Tymphe.The 46 or so villages of Zagori were interconnected by mountain roads and traditional arched stone bridges until modern roads were opened in the 1950s. The stone arched bridges were funded by benefactions from expatriate merchants in the 18th century and replaced older wooden bridges.


The region has been historically difficult to access due to its mountainous terrain which likely contributed to its unique character. The Sarakatsani people who can be found in this area use several Greek words of a Northern Greek dialect not commonly found in Greek elsewhere. They are considered as indigenous to the area of Greece.

The amazing Meteora

Escape the crowds and enjoy the ride as well as your visit to the amazing Meteora rock formations and monasteries. Such an excellent full day out. On time pick-up from hotel. Nice drive to Meteora with commentary and coffee break followed by monastery by monastery drop-off allowing you to visit in your own time. Then nice spot stop for traditional Greek lunch and then back with a lovely mid-journey stop-off to Tempi Valley. Return to hotel after a full and fun packed day. On our way back to Thessaloniki, we make a quick stop to Tempi Valley, a great natural location where we visit Agia Paraskevi built in rock church.

Either alone, with the family and friends or groups, SKG BUS will provide you with all the transportation and travel services you will need. We will give you a stress-free travel experience wherever you wish to go, whether by minivan, minibus or coach bus. Just pick the date and leave the rest with us. Get your private transportation and travel services of the highest standards regardless destination in Greece and at the most affordable price. We offer strictly private tours from 1 up to 8 passengers, starting from Thessaloniki. We will give you a safe and fun travel experience by a spacious minivan. Also your driver is a level 7 Google local guide.  Simply book and enjoy the ride! Call us at +306976888113 or click here

Visit Philippi and enjoy a real time travel

The ancient town of Philippi, definitely is one of the most significant archaeological sites in East Macedonia Northern Greece and one of the top Thessaloniki tours and activities. It is located near to Kavala and Drama cities. Another important event marked the history of this city only a century later. Paul the Apostle founded the first Christian church on the European soil in Philippi 49-50 B.C. The most significant monuments are the city walls (The Fortress), the Acropolis, the Theater, the Forum, Basilicas A and B and the Octagon.


Enjoy a historical tour to picturesque Veria

Veria is built on the foothills of Mount Vermion at the top of which you may visit a great ski resort. From 11th to the 14th century it was the third most important city of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople and Thessaloniki. The great number of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches have given the city the nickname “Little Jerusalem”. Today, 48 Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches are preserved in the city center. Apostle Paul visited Veria at least twice between 50 AD and 57 AD in order to preach and spread Christianity to the region. The Apostle of the Nations was warmly welcomed since his first visit and his preaching had a great impact on Veria citizens and the Jews.Veria is surely one of the top Thessaloniki tours & activities.


Wellness at Pozar thermal springs

Pozar Springs is one of the most popular destinations in northern Greece and surely is included within the top Thessaloniki tours & activities. It is located in the municipality of Almopia, 13 Km northwest of Aridaia at central Macedonia. Its mountain springs have therapeutic thermal waters for thousands of years. It is a natural sight with a lively green environment full of trees and waterfalls. The outdoor pool which is naturally shaped in the bank of the hot river, offers the chance of bathing in a fantastic scenery. Visitors from all over Greece and abroad come to receive the benefits of Pozar waters and escape from the ordinary daily life. The temperature of the hot waters is 37 degrees Celsius all year long and you may enjoy it both outdoors or indoors. The hot therapeutic waters are good for people with rheumatisms, arthritis, gynecological ailments, fractures and skin problems.

There is also a hydrotherapy center with private pools, which are functioning autonomous. Outdoors at the near surrounding there are 2 amazing waterfalls: The first one is at 37 degrees and the other, which is mixed with cold water, is at 30 degrees. There are plenty hotels, hostels, rooms and apartments in the area as well as taverns and restaurants with local dishes.

Pozar full day tours may also include a short visit to Edessa waterfall which is a worth visiting location and also lunch to nearby traditional Greek taverns. Edessa, Vodena former name until 1923 and known as the City of Waters is a city in northern Greece and the capital of the Pella region in the central Macedonia region of Greece. Edessa holds a special place in the history of the Greek world as, according to some ancient sources, it was here that ruler Caranus established the first capital of ancient Macedonia. Hotel pick up and drop off included. Your driver is English speaking and a Google level 7 local guide.

Tour bus charter services in Greece

In need for a convenient and affordable transportation way for your group, while in Greece? SKG BUS is a transportation provider for tourists groups, visiting Greece. Our company is a family owned and operated business that was established in 2018. Along with our highly qualified and 24/7 available personnel we may provide you with unique transportation and travel experiences. We offer high quality transportation services and tours to travel agencies and event organizers, worldwide. Our bus tours services in Greece, cover all Thessaloniki tours & activities and a series of destinations such as Attiki, Peloponnese, Halkidiki, Mount Athos, Meteora, Delphi, Philippi, Kavala, Corinth and many more…

Thessaloniki tours & activities

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Thessaloniki tours & activities

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Thessaloniki tours & activities.

For more information on Thessaloniki tours & activities, please contact us or give us a call at +306976888113

Thessaloniki tours & activities