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Zagori transfers & tours

Zagori transfers & tours from Thessaloniki delivered by SKG BUS. Private tours Thessaloniki starting are organized for small groups of friends and families. Just pick the date and leave all the rest to us. Enjoy pure nature of mountainous Northern Greece with your friends or family for as long as you wish to. For more info contact us or simply call Michael at +306976888113

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Zagori is an amazing area of great natural beauty, with striking geology and two National Parks, one including the river Aoos and Vikos canyon while the other park is located around Valia Kalda, to the east of the imposing snow-capped Mt Tymphe. Visit Monodendri, Vitsa, Papigko, Aristi and so many more amazingly picturesque villages.

Zagori tours from Thessaloniki

The 46 or so villages of Zagori were interconnected by mountain roads and traditional arched stone bridges until modern roads were opened in the 1950s. The stone arched bridges were funded by benefactions from expatriate merchants in the 18th century and replaced older wooden bridges.

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The region has been historically difficult to access due to its mountainous terrain which likely contributed to its unique character. The Sarakatsani people who can be found in this area use several Greek words of a Northern Greek dialect not commonly found in Greek elsewhere. They are considered as indigenous to the area of Greece. Zagori transgers & tours from Thessaloniki. Travel with us, the SKG BUS!

More than 160 arched bridges were built in the greater area of Zagori, many of which still stand helping travelers to cross the numerous rivers and streams of the region. They were mostly built during the 18th and 19th centuries by local master craftsmen using local stone. These bridges usually have one to three arches called “kamares” in Greek. One of the most iconic is the three arched bridge of Plakidas, also known as Kalogeriko, near the Koipi village.

If you’re interested in Zagori transfers & tours from Thessaloniki get in touch with us, the SKG BUS transfers & tours. Your trip can be as energetic as you like though as we will organize it together. For more info please do contact us at travel@skgbus.com or simply call Michael at +306976888113

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