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Halkidiki day trips from Thessaloniki by SKG BUS transfers & tours. Planning to visit Thessaloniki and in search for a day’s getaway for swimming, sunbathing or just relaxation by the sea? Escape the crowds and enjoy Halkidiki at its best! Ideal private tours for small groups, families and couples. Get a unique sightseeing experience at Halkidiki that will make you adore this fantastic seaside region along with its people and culture. Black car service, sedan of minivan with English speaking chauffer and a Google level 7 local guide. For more information (availability-quick quotes) on our Halkidiki day trips for up to 12 travelers please contact us or just call Michael at +306976888113

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Halkidiki day trips from Thessaloniki

A day trip to Halkidiki is not just about the destination. Along the way, we have included fun attractions, great places to eat and other worth visiting sites that offer a wide range of travelling experiences. From Thessaloniki to Paliouri, the far end of Kassandra peninsula and from Thessaloniki to Port Koufo, the far end of Sithonia peninsula we have filled these trips with great sightseeing, tips to avoid the crowds, interesting activities, attractions and great views.

Kassandra sightseeing private tour.

Kassandra is the first out three peninsulas of Halkidiki, which run into the Aegean Sea. Its’ ancient name was Pallene and represents many centuries of history as rest of Greece. It surely is the most popular during summer and well known for the intense nightlife and packed beach bars. Sometimes it suffers from traffic congestion especially during August weekends.

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We jumpstart our Halkidiki private tours early morning by picking you up from your hotel. After approx. 45 minutes driving, we are entering Halkidiki region and our very first stop is Nea Potidea. An ancient city founded by Corinthians around 600 BC. Potidea built at the narrowest point of the peninsula so a canal opened around 100 AD to facilitate navigation and trade. Having a 30 minutes visit to the ancient Potidea and the canal we proceed to our next stop. View our tour…

Sithonia sightseeing private tour.

Sithonia is geographically located in between the other two Halkidiki peninsulas Kassandra and Mt. Athos, the Holy mountain. It also represents many centuries of history as the rest of Greece and mentioned in the writings of the great ancient Greek historian Thucydides. Mountain Itamos is located at the center of Sithonia providing a unique combination of mountain slopes with sandy beaches.

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Sithonia landscape covered with vineyards, forests, grasslands, shrub land and hills. It is a top location for those who enjoy nature, love tranquility and prefer outdoor activities. It is also a great place for family holidays because of its natural beauty but also not overcrowded during summer. Sithonia widely known for its stunning secluded beaches and carved coastal line. View our tour…

Halkidiki mainland private tour.

Our Sithonia and Kassandra private day trips offer a full day visiting amazing beaches. Picturesque seaside villages, sandy beaches, ports, and anglers settlements. Our Halkidiki mainland round trip mainly includes continental Halkidiki region and most precisely drives around mountain Holomon, the second highest mountain of Halkidiki after Mount Athos. It is one of the top Halkidiki sightseeing private tours for those who really enjoy nature and tranquility.

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Get your Halkidiki day trips with us, the SKG BUS. We also provide private tours to numerus destinations in Northern Greece such as Philippi, Meteora, Pozar and many more…

Porto Koufo transfers & tours SKG BUS

Black car service, sedan of minivan with English speaking chauffer and a Google level 7 local guide. SKG Airport pick-ups and drop offs also included. For more information (availability-quick quotes) on our Halkidiki day trips for up to 12 travelers please contact us or call Michael at +306976888113

Day trips from Thessaloniki

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