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Planning to visit Halkidiki beyond summer?

Halkidiki beyond summer tours and activities are offered by SKG BUS. As temperature starts rising, usually in the beginning of May, most of us are already wiping the dust off of our fishing rods, camping gear, boats, searching the web for our new pair of sun glasses, and likely already looking forward to those dinners after a great day on the fantastic beaches. For the next few months, spending weekends by the sea at Halkidiki will occupy our minds. Halkidiki region may be known as the top destination for swimming and sunbathing in Northern Greece.

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Skg Airport transfers to Halkidiki

Sure, there are other locations that have pristine beaches but none have as much to choose from, within whole Greece. The luckiest of us will enjoy their summer holidays for a week or two by the sea anywhere they wish to or may afford. Halkidiki offers a wide range of accommodation and holidays packages to choose. From luxurious beach resorts to room rentals and camping sites, anybody may have his dream summer holidays.

Halkidiki beyond summer tours

By the end of summer, usually during the last two weeks of September most of us return to our daily routine (work, school, family etc.) and will think about swimming after 9 months or so. But what about those months after September? The so called offseason?

The climate in Greece is typical of the Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers and generally, extended periods of sunshine throughout the year. A great variety of climate subtypes, always within the Mediterranean climate frame, are encountered in several regions of Greece. In other words as Halkidiki region does not usually suffer from heavy snow, severe cold and thunderstorms, climate is an ally to most tours and outdoor activities all year long. It is the typical Greek mild climate.

Activity holidays at Halkidiki

Definitely Halkidiki has so much to offer during autumn, winter and spring as it is an outdoor, adventure and tranquility lovers’ paradise. Get a unique experience at Halkidiki beyond summer at your own pace while escaping from the summer crowds. In case you make plans to visit Halkidiki during the offseason here is a list of Halkidiki beyond summer top tours & activities that will make you adore this fantastic region along with its people and culture.

Photography tours

Halkidiki is a complete revelation throughout the year. Incredible beaches, mountains and forests, wild landscape, olive trees, food, wine, the sea and the amazing winter colors reveal the real soul of the region. This adventure is designed to guide you to the most remote and photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light.

Halkidiki beyond summer

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, thing is that this experience will raise your awareness on Greek nature and spark your creativity. Get a full day photography tour and return back home with the most amazing pics that you will be proud of.

Halkidiki beyond summer

Boat tours in Halkidiki

While you’re in Halkidiki you should take at least one boat tour, half a day or a full day. With an amazing coastal line of approx. 550 km and small islands, there is so much to discover either by sail or motor.


Fishing trips in Halkidiki

Enjoy fishing with family and friends on the beautiful waters of Aegean Sea. Our lively fishing trips provide all you need for an awesome day in the water. From experienced fisherman to first-timers, our fishing cruises are the best way to experience great fishing in Halkidiki.

Halkidiki beyond summer tours

Whether you are a passionate fisherman or not, a fishing tour at Halkidiki crystal clear waters is an amazing experience you should try. Maybe by the end of the day you will taste your fresh Greek catch.


Hiking at Halkidiki

Holomon Mountain is located at the center of Halkidiki region providing access from almost every location. With 1.200 m height and alpine scenery and climate the mountain offers hundreds of trails and paths that you should explore. Love long walks at the beach or hiking mountain trails? Well, at Halkidiki you may find both.


Religious trips

Religious tours in Greece may provide you with the most valuable spiritual and religious experience that you may ever had. Cradle of early Christianity and the main crossroad between East and West, Greece has to offer an endless and colorful journey to religion, history and culture.

Pilgrimage tours in Greece

Only at the Northern part of Greece more than 75 Christian Orthodox monasteries are located, including the unique Mount Athos (Agio Oros) at Halkidiki. Here is a list of Halkidiki located Greek Orthodox monasteries that you may visit.

Virgin Mary Evaggelismos

Osios Arsenios

Saint Anastasia

Saint John the Baptist

Osios Paisios

There are so many things to discover and experience at this blessed Greek region including the famous Mediterranean cuisine along with the Mount Athos monasteries incredible menu.

Halkidiki beyond summer tours

Planning to visit Halkidiki offseason? Plan your trip with us, the SKG BUS! Tailor made, private tours with English speaking driver and Google level 7 local guide, for up to 8 persons.  SKG Airport pick ups and drop offs also available. For more information on our Halkidiki beyond summer tours & activities please email us or simply give us a call at +306976888113

Halkidiki beyond summer


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