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Greece Tours

Greece tours by SKG BUS transfers & tours. Sunny, warm and surrounded by sea. Holidays in Greece take you on an exciting experience from historical sites to amazing natural locations. Greece comes first to travelers’ minds when it comes to culture, democracy and heritage. Contact us at travel@skgbus.com

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Indeed there are more than 100 museums and 100 archaeological sites to be discovered. Greece is literally an open space museum, carrying more than 10.000 years of history. Get your Greece tours with us, the SKG BUS.

Our guided tours - Perfect for...

Following the footsteps of the Apostle of Nations, Apostle Paul at Greece

Disclosing the secrets of Thessaloniki, the 2335 years old city. A melting pot of cultures and traditions. The city of ghosts as described by Mark Mazower

Exploring Halkidiki, birth place of Aristotle, the greatest philosopher and enjoy Greek summer at its best

Discovering the greatest Greek hero of all times. Visit the birth place of Alexander the Great and discover more on this incredible man

Visiting the ancient city of Philippi and get to know more about Classical Greece

Exploring Meteora rock formations, a true natural wonder

Fishing and enjoying the spectacular 550km coastline of Halkidiki at North Aegean Sea

Our guided Greece Tours:

St. Paisios pilgrimage tour

3-4 hour services
Greece tours Thessaloniki starting

Saint Paul Thessalonica tour

5-6 hours services
Καθημερινά μπάνια στη Χαλκιδική

Halkidiki Sithonia tour

9-11 hours services
Minivan transfer services

Halkidiki beach tours

9-10 hours services
Περιήγηση Μ. Αλεξάνδρου

Alexander the Great tour

9-10 hours services
Apostle Paul Route tours

Saint Paul Berea tour

8-9 hours
Philippi_tour_SKG BUS

Philippi full day tour

10-12 hours services
Meteora private tour

Meteora private tour

9-10 hours services

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