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Thessaloniki shore excursions for 1 up to 12 travelers by SKG BUS. Private & guided tours for small groups. Flexible itinerary. Get ready for one of the most exciting and vibrant destinations in Greece. Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city established at 315 BC in the Hellenic era and mainly linked to its Byzantine heritage. The city referred to as an open-air Byzantine museum, as its Byzantine, Post – Byzantine and Ottoman monuments declared as historical landmark monuments with 15 of them to be included in the Unesco World heritage List in 1988. Thessaloniki is located at the heart of Southeastern Europe thus becoming a main crossroad of religions, empires, cultures and traditions. For more information please click here

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Best Thessaloniki day trips

Get your Thessaloniki shore excursions and experience Macedonian, Roman, Jewish, Ottoman and Byzantine legacy, all at the same time. Thessaloniki is also home to amazing nearby beaches where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing or just relaxation watch the world go by. This historical city surrounded by unique destinations that you could visit within a day and below you may find the top Thessaloniki day trips by SKG BUS!

St. Paul church

Private & guided full day tours for up to 12 travelers offered to you and your friends or family. Ideal day trips for individuals, couples, families and small groups. Book your shore excursions with us, the SKG BUS and get the best out of your Thessaloniki visit. For more information (availability-rates) contact us or simply call Michael at +306976888113

Meteora all monasteries tour

Meteora_tours_SKG-BUS_Thessaloniki shore excursions

Meteora all monasteries tours from Thessaloniki. Visit the amazing Meteora, an area that provides some of the unique photos in the world. Choosing a shared Meteora bus tour from Thessaloniki, chances are you will visit only 2 monasteries and also you won’t either have the time to get amazing photos of the breath taking area or have a great lunch at a traditional Greek tavern. Escape the crowds and enjoy a Meteora full day at your own pace. Stunning Meteora rock formations & all Greek Orthodox monasteries tour.

Philippi & Saint Paul tour

Philippi & Saint Paul tour_SKG BUS

Philippi pilgrimage tour from Thessaloniki is our signature tour. Ideal private & guided tour for individuals and small groups up to 8 travelers. Visit Kavala, ancient Philippi and Saint Lydia Baptistry and enjoy a great day out. Get to know more on early Christianity, Greek and Roman ancient history by following the footsteps of Apostle Paul. Escape the crowds and enjoy a truly unique experience at your own pace. Flexible itinerary along with plenty of photo stops.

Vergina & Alexander the Great tour

Thessaloniki city break_SKG BUS

Discover Northern Greece and Macedonia’s crown jewel. Get to know more about Macedonian empire and Alexander the Great, one of the greatest men ever lived and the last true King of the Greeks. Get an amazing time travel to Mieza, a historical location of great natural beauty where Aristotle’s school was located and Alexander the Great spent 3 years, getting high-level education by his teacher on Mathematics, Philosophy, History and Geography. We visit Vergina, the most significant archaeological site of Northern Greece. We visit the royal tombs of King Phillip the 2nd father of Alexander and of Alexander the 4th, son of Alexander and Roxane. We also visit the archaeological museum and admire the legacy and wealth of Macedonian Kingdome. We continue our tour to Pella, the ancient capital City of Macedonian Empire and visit the archaeological site and the museum if required. Both Vergina and Pella locations reveal plenty of information on Macedonian glory and everyday life as well.Book your shore excursions with us, the SKG BUS and get the best out of your Thessaloniki visit. For more information (availability-rates) contact us or simply call Michael at +306976888113

Pozar wellness tour

Pozar day trips_SKG BUS

Pozar is one of the most famous thermal bath sites in Greece. Located in a canyon and surrounded by high mountains is an ideal destination for wellness and gastronomy lovers. Its therapeutic thermal waters flow for thousands of year and offered healing to the wounded soldiers of King Phillip, father of Alexander the Great. Water temperature remains at a constant 37 degrees Celsius all year round. The healing properties of the waters are helpful for a series of diseases making Pozar one of the most popular wellness destinations in Greece. Pozar surrounding area is also ideal for walking and hiking by the river within the canyon.

Boutari winery tour

Thessaloniki shore excursions_vineyard tours _SKG BUS

Ideal private & guided full day tour for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers. Kir-Yianni estate is located at Vermion Mountain near Naoussa at an approximate distance of 100 km from Thessaloniki. Almost three decades after planted, the vineyard became Ktima Kir-Yianni.  Enjoy the breathtaking views of vineyards nestled on the rolling slopes of mount Vermion, stroll amid Xinomavro vines, taste the amazing wines right in the place where produced, and get familiarized with the Boutari family wine legacy.

Halkidiki beach tour

Thessaloniki shore excursions__nearby beaches

Planning to visit Thessaloniki and in search for a day’s getaway for swimming, sunbathing or just relaxation by the Aegean Sea? Escape the crowds and enjoy Halkidiki finest crystal clear beaches! Get a unique sightseeing experience at Halkidiki that will make you adore this fantastic seaside region along with its people and culture. From Thessaloniki to Paliouri, the far end of Kassandra peninsula and from Thessaloniki to Port Koufo, the far end of Sithonia peninsula we have filled these trips with great sightseeing, tips to avoid the crowds, interesting activities, attractions and great views.

Halkidiki tours_Thessaloniki shore excursions

Mt. Olympus & Dion tour

Lying in the shadows of the mountain of ancient Greek gods Olympus, Dion was the sacred city of Macedonians. From ancient times, a large altar had been set up for the worship of Olympian Zeus and his daughters, the Muses, in a unique natural environment characterized by rich vegetation, towering trees, countless springs and a navigable river. Combine your day trip to Dion with a hiking experience to Enipeas gorge at the heart of Mt. Olympus.

Saint Paisios pilgrimage tour

Agia Anastasia _monastery_Thessaloniki shore excursions_SKG BUS

Book your pilgrimage to Saint Paisios tomb with us. We visit Saint Ioannis the Theologian monastery at Souroti village and make sure that we are properly dressed for our pilgrimage on Saint Paisios grave. We will also have the chance to visit the amazing Byzantine monastery of Saint Anastasia the Pharmakolytria that is located nearby.

Kerkini lake adventure tour

Thessaloniki shore excursions_ SKG BUS

Spend a full day by the lake will make you adore this fantastic region along with its people and culture. Lake Kerkini is located in the northeast of Serres town and 100km from the city of Thessaloniki. Ideal location for wildlife photography & birdwatching enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers. The lake surrounded by high mountains Belles and Mavrovouni, at close proximity with the Greek-Bulgarian borders. It is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and considered among top European natural habitat destinations. Boat tours, horseback riding, biking and hiking offered upon request.

Book your Thessaloniki shore excursions with us, the SKG BUS and get the best out of your Thessaloniki visit. For more information (availability-rates) contact us or simply call Michael at +306976888113

day trips_SKG BUS

Day trips from Thessaloniki