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Thessalonica Saint Paul tours for small groups up to 12 travelers by SKG BUS. Private and guided tours (not shared or joined) Biblical tours from Thessaloniki, Greece and early Christianity sites have gained popularity in recent years, as more and more people mainly from U.S.A express interest in exploring the true history and significance of Christianity in its early years. For more information on our Thessaloniki day trips please click here

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This tour requires a group of minimum 4 travelers to run. We do not provide joined or shared tours. All our tours provide a personalized, intimate exploration of your preferred destination, catering precisely to your interests and pace. For groups of 1-3 travelers please contact us on availability and rates.

Thessaloniki St. Paul church

Our pilgrimage tours include visits to ancient churches, monasteries, and historical landmarks that played a pivotal role in the development of our religion. Many travelers embark on a spiritual journey by retracing the footsteps of the Apostle Paul and other prominent biblical figures.

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Saint Paul’s missionary journeys to Greece were no small feat. He navigated some of the most grueling terrain in the ancient world, often facing hostile climates and steep mountains. He and his followers had to endure raging storms, long days of travel, and a shortage of provisions. Despite the odds, Paul managed to complete his mission and spread the gospel throughout the region.

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However, Saint Paul’s mission to Greece was a major step towards the spread of Christianity. His travels in Greece were very influential and altered the way Christianity perceived from then on. Saint Paul’s message was revolutionary for the time, and it helped to shape Greek society and the rest of the world for centuries afterwards.

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Thessalonica Saint Paul private & guided tours for up to 12 travelers by SKG BUS! For more info (availability & rates) please click here or simply call Michael at +306976888113

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Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys to Greece are one of the most prominent examples of his evangelistic ministry. Saint Paul preached to both Jews and Greeks and also established churches in cities such as Kavala (Neapolis in the Bible), Philippi, Apollonia, Thessaloniki, Veria (Berea in the Bible) and many more.

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Paul’s primary mission was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, regardless of their background, color and beliefs. He successfully did this by engaging in public debates and discourses, as well as cultivating a personal relationship with those he encountered. Thessaloniki religious tours to early Christianity site offer an enriching journey for both believers and history enthusiasts alike.

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Our Thessalonica Saint Paul tours provide an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Apostle Paul at Thessaloniki, Berea and Philippi, experience the ancient cities he visited, and discover the foundations of Christianity in Northern Greece.

Moreover, they display the rich cultural heritage of the region, including archaeological sites, ancient ruins, and Byzantine churches. Embarking on such a tour imparts valuable insights into the origins and growth of Christianity in a historically significant part of the world.

Thessaloniki religious private & guided tours for up to 12 travelers by SKG BUS! For more info (availability & rates) please click here or simply call Michael at   +306976888113 Also available SKG Airport pickups and drop offs.

Thessaloniki Saint Paul tours_SKG BUS