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Secluded beaches at Halkidiki await you to explore and enjoy at this amazing region. Get a great summer experience at Halkidiki at your own pace while escaping from the crowds. In case you make plans to visit Halkidiki, a region of great natural beauty, you should explore its pristine, off the beaten path beaches. Hundreds of any type of beaches are shaped at the 550km coastline of Halkidiki peninsula thus establishing the region as a top summer Greek destination.

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Photos by Christiana Vairli
Photos by Christiana Vairli

Enjoy tranquility and true seclusion at Halkidiki pristine beaches

Secluded beaches at Halkidki

Nothing is more adventurous than finding that perfect, secluded beach. We may have to battle dirt roads and flat tires, but it’s worth it when sunbathing on a primitive beach, far away from the crowds. From Kassandra to Sithonia and Athos region, these are literally hundreds of isolated beaches to be discovered. Actually most of them are unnamed and unknown even to locals.


Kassandra is the first out of three peninsulas of Halkidiki which run into the Aegean Sea. Its ancient name was Pallene and represents many centuries of history as rest of Greece. It surely is the most popular area during summer and well known for the intense nightlife and packed beach bars. Sometimes it suffers from traffic congestion especially during August weekends. However there are still many pristine beaches, known only to locals that you may have a really great day swimming and sunbathing.


Sithonia is geographically located in between the other two Halkidiki peninsulas Kassandra and Athos. It also represents many centuries of history as the rest of Greece and also mentioned in the writings of the great ancient Greek historian Thucydides.


Mountain Itamos is located at the center of Sithonia providing a really unique combination of mountain slopes with sandy beaches. In fact at numerous beaches oaks, olive and pine trees literally run into the sea. Sithonia landscape is covered with vineyards, forests, grasslands, shrub land and hills. It is a Greek top destination for those who enjoy nature, love tranquility and prefer outdoor activities.

Halkidiki private beach tours
Halkidiki private beach tours


Athos, the third and last peninsula of Halkidiki is worldwide known for Mount Athos autonomous monastic state that represents a more than1000 years of Greek Orthodox religion, history and culture. Also called the Holy Mountain is an entire region devoted to God and Virgin Mary so entrance is not allowed. Actually is allowed only to men who carry a special permit for their pilgrimage visit.

Secluded beaches at Halkidiki

However, Mount Athos monastic state does not cover the entire peninsula, allowing a series of great beaches, islands and landscapes to be explored. Most of these amazing sites are accessible only by boat, meaning that even at vacation peak season there is a lot to explore and enjoy, away from the crowds.

Secluded beaches at Halkidiki

Explore secluded beaches at Halkidiki with us, the SKG BUS.

A road trip to Halkidiki isn’t just about the destination. Along the way we’ve included fun attractions, great places to eat and other worth visiting sites that offer a wide range of travelling experiences. From Thessaloniki to Paliouri, the far end of Kassandra peninsula and from Thessaloniki to Port Koufo, the far end of Sithonia peninsula we’ve filled these day tours with great sightseeing, tips to avoid the crowds, interesting activities and great views.

Secluded beaches at Halkidiki


Our custom and guided tours are perfect for independent travel groups who really like to escape the crowds and enjoy the beaten off by tourists path. Ideal for small group of friends, families and LGBT community members. Let us design your ideal Halkidiki full day out, including as much or as little as you require. On our way back we may enjoy the sunset with a seafood dinner at one of many seaside traditional Greek restaurants.

Halkidiki tours


Also SKG Thessaloniki Airport transfers (pick-ups & drop offs) and private boat tours upon request, available. All our Halkidiki custom full day tours include an English speaking private driver who is a Google level 7 Local Guide and the appropriate vehicle. For more information on our secluded beaches at Halkidiki private tour, please contact us at travel@skgbus.com

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