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Delphi tours from Thessaloniki by SKG BUS. Private & guided tours for up to 12 travelers. Ideal custom tour for small, independent travel groups of families or friends. Explore one of most significant Greek destination at your own pace. Let us design your ideal holiday, including as much or as little as you require. Perfect 2 days or weekend tour from Thessaloniki. Relax and let us custom design your ideal Delphi tours from Thessaloniki. For more info (availability – rates) click here or simply call Michael at +306976888113

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Delphi tours SKG BUS

Delphi archaeological site in Greece is an ancient sanctuary and a center of worship for the god Apollo. It also considered as a place of prophecy, where people could ask for advice and guidance on various personal or public matters. The ruins of the site are still visible to this day and attract tourists from all over the world. One of the most significant monuments of the site is the Temple of Apollo, which was renowned for its oracle and played a significant role in Greek mythology and history.

Delphi from Thessaloniki

Located on the slopes of the magical Mount Parnassus, Delphi is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. The site served as a religious center dedicated to the god Apollo and considered the actual center of the world. Some of the most impressive relics on display include the ruins of multiple temples, a stadium, a theater, and treasuries. These ancient relics paint a vivid picture of what real life was like in ancient Greece and offer unique insight into the culture of the time. For more info (availability – rates) please click here or simply call Michael at +306976888113

Delphi tours from Thessaloniki_SKG BUS

Delphi is a treasure trove of ancient artifacts and a window into the rich history of ancient Greece. Excavated in 1892, the site has yielded numerous well-preserved objects of both art and utility, providing insight into life in ancient Greece. Among the most notable artifacts found at Delphi are the Charioteer of Delphi and the Sphinx of Naxos. These meticulously crafted pieces demonstrate the skill and artistry of the ancient Greeks, and display their dedication to the representation of the human form.

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Discover Greek cuisine which is one of the most beloved and flavorful food in the world. The use of absolute fresh herbs, vegetables, and olive oil make the dishes both healthy and delicious. Most believe that Greek cuisine is all about gyros, souvlaki and tzatziki but definitely, there is so much variety in the regional cuisines throughout Greece. One cannot properly appreciate Greek cuisine without trying dishes like moussaka, pastitsio, kokoretsi, spanakopita and bougatsa.


Greek gastronomy is a reflection of the country’s long history, tradition, and customs. Many dishes are unique to the different regions of Greece, each with its own set of ingredients that are emblematic of the area. Additionally, food culture in Greece often emphasizes eating fresh, seasonal produce, which means that the cuisine changes from region to region and season to season.

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For more info (availability – rates) on our Delphi tours from Thessaloniki, please click here or simply call Michael at +306976888113

Also available SKG Airport pickups & drop offs upon request.