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Byzantine Thessaloniki private tours are offered by SKG BUS. Private, full day tours to historical Thessaloniki are offered for up to 8 persons. Call us at 00306976888113 or click here

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Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city was established at 315 BC in the Hellenic era and is mainly linked to its Byzantine heritage.

Byzantine Thessaloniki

The city is often referred to as an open-air Byzantine museum, as its Byzantine, Post – Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, have been declared as historical landmark monuments. Out tour covers all fifteen of the Early Christian – Byzantine monuments that were included in the UNESCO World Herit­age List in 1988.

City walls with gates and fortifications of a total perimeter of 8km. where city’s great history is well recorded The Heptapyrgion fort that stands at the highest point of the Acropolis and White tower, city’s landmark are also included.

Rotonda monument.

With a diameter of 24.50m is covered by a bricked dome, reaching a height of 29.80m which was converted into a Christian church, dedicated to the Agioi Aso­matoi or the Archangels, during the Early Chris­tian era.

Byzantine Thessaloniki

Osios David church

The small church is located in the Ano Poli, at Aghias Sofias Street. It was once the catholicon of the monastery of Christou Soti­ra tou Latomou

Agios Dimitrios church

Dedicated to the pa­tron saint of Thessaloniki, is a pilgrim church and is primarily renowned for its mosaics that sur­vived the great fire of 1917.  Mosaics of the 5th, 7th and 9th century are preserved. The crypt of catacombs of the church is a must visit as well.

Panagia Aheropiitos church

The Great Church of the Virgin Mary is situ­ated in the city center and was built in the 5th century as a three – aisled wooden – roofed basilica with a narthex and gallery. It was built over the ruins of a Roman bath complex.

Agia Sofia church

This church, dedicated to Christ, the true Word and Wisdom of God, was built in the late 7th – early 8th century at the location of a large 5th century Early Christian Basilica.

Byzantine Thessaloniki

Panagia Halkeon church

The Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is located near and south of the ancient agora, in the coppersmith district from where its name is derived. It was built in 1028

Byzantine bath

The only public Byzantine bath pre­served in Thessaloniki is located on the out­skirts of the Ano Poli (upper part of the city). It is a small building of rectangular design, possibly dating back to the 13th cen­tury

Agios Pantelimon church

At a short distance from the Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda, lies the Byzantine church of Agios Pantelimon. The Church, the name of which is quite recent, served as the catholicon of the Theotokou Perivleptou Monastery,

Agioi Apostoloi church 

At Olympou Street and near to the western walls, lies the Church of Agioi Apostoloi, once the catholicon of a monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built by Patriarch Nephon (1310 – 1314)

Agios Nikolaos Orphanos church

At Ano Poli, close to the eastern walls, within an enclosed yard lies the Church of Agios Nikolaos Orphanos, which also served as the catholicon of a Byzan­tine monastery.

 Agia Ekaterini church

On the outskirts of Ano Poli, and close to the walls, lies the Church of Agia Ekaterini, which once served as the catholicon of a Byzantine monastery. It dates back to the late 13th – early 14th century.

Metamorphosis Sotiros church

At the junction of Egnatia and Paleon Patron Germanou Street lies the small church dedicat­ed to the Savior Christ. It was built in 1340 as chapel to a Byzantine monastery, and originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Moni Vlatadon

The Vlatadon monastery is located just outside the northern walls of the Acropo­lis, a Patriarchal and stauropegic Vlatadon monastery, the only Byzantine monastery still providing services to the city. It was founded between 1351 and 1371 by monk Dorotheus Vlatis, a pupil of Gregorios Palamas, former Metropolite of Thessaloniki.

Profitis Elias church

At Ano Poli on a naturally rocky eleva­tion, lies the unique in Thessaloniki in terms of its archi­tectural type Church of Profitis Elias The Church was dedicated to Christ and served as the cathol­icon of the Akapniou Monastery.

Thessaloniki airport private transfers

Our full day tour to Byzantine Thessaloniki may well be enriched with other destinations or modified according to your requirements. Hotel pickups and drop offs are offered along with refreshments and bottles of water. Your driver is a local and a level 6, Google Local Guide.


For more information on how you may experience Byzantine Thessaloniki, the locals’ way, please give us a call at 00306976888113 or click here